Vegan Foods – What To Do When Your Non-Vegan Cravings Come

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When you are first starting out on the vegan diet, you will find yourself in situations that your non-vegan cravings start to flourish. Now this will happen to people who are vegan for a long time and to people who are just starting out, so please do not feel guilty about having these desires because it is natural for human animals wanting to get back on old habits.

I remember when I first started on the vegan diet, just the smell of BBQ would trigger this cravings and my mouth would turn very watery.

So what can you do to stop this cravings?

You need to realize that this cravings are just a gut reaction to what you have been programmed. This is because the smell of food starts triggering some old thoughts you have about these foods and starts bringing some old memories about how you felt when you were eating them.

So what I do when I get this cravings, is to just start thinking about some other foods I could get at the moment. You will be surprised that when you start thinking about some other foods, your desires starts to go away and with it your feeling of dissatisfaction goes away too.

Now other thing that can help you when dealing with this situation, is to start remembering why you chose a vegan lifestyle. For example, when I was a non-vegan, I used to love eating BBQ. So when I decided to go vegan and was invited to a BBQ, I would put in my mind the reason why I chose this lifestyle.

This helped me deal with the cravings welcomed by the smell of the food, because every time I saw the meat on the grill, I would start thinking about the cruelty animals face everyday. This completely stopped my cravings at the moment. Then I would grab something vegan to eat and the meat cravings were completely gone. My stomach was full and I was satisfied.

Just understand that this craving is part of the game and just because one day, you wanted to eat a steak, that does not mean you were not meant to follow this diet. Take it as a challenge and everyday you beat this cravings, you are becoming stronger by developing more self discipline and awareness.

Unless you know how to reprogram yourself, this cravings will keep coming but with time you will acquire more tools and experience to beat them for good.

Source by James Takahara