Planters Peanuts

Delicious Planters nut mix inspired by the taste of a Banana Split.
Mix of honey roasted peanuts, chocolate candy covered peanuts, vanilla yogurt covered peanuts, strawberry flavor yogurt covered peanuts, banana chips
Sweet and Salty. Anytime Treat.

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Planters Peanuts, Sweet N Crunchy, 6 Count, 60 Ounce

Bundle of 6, 10 Ounce each
Sweet, crunchy and made with just the right amount of sea salt
Resalable canister makes it easy to keep the peanuts fresh (and avoid spills)

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Raw Pine Nuts 1 LB (Whole and Natural) Great for Pesto, Salads, or Roasting,- By I’M A NUT

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! We are so sure that you’ll love it that either you like it or your money back!
TOP QUALITY!! Our buying power allows us to choose the best quality for the best price!
RESEALABLE BAG: Enjoy long lasting freshness in a resealable bag, which is designed to keep them as fresh as ever!

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Sahale Snacks

Delicious nut mix finished with a rich, subtly tart balsamic glaze
Dry-roasted almonds mixed with dried apples, flax seeds, and a pinch of cayenne pepper
160 calories per serving

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Sahale Snacks All Natural Nut Blends Grab And Go Variety Pack

Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews Mix / Pomegranate Flavored Pistachios / Maple Pecans Glazed Mix / Valdosta Pecans Glazed Mix / Tangerine Vanilla Cashew-Macadamia Glazed Mix / Korean BBQ Almonds / Mango Tango Almond Mix / Classic Fruit and Nut Trail Mix / Berry Macaroon Almond Mix / Raspberry Crumble Cashew Mix / Honey Almonds with Cranberries / Dry Roasted California Almonds
Delicious right out of the bag, in your favorite recipes, or for entertaining. Perfect as a salad topper or recipe changer
This item is not a manufacturer-created variety pack and will not be sent in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Comes with 2 Snack Clips. Colors or Sizes of the clips may vary.

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Savanna Orchards Gourmet Honey Roasted Nut Mix – Cashews, Almonds, Pecans and Pistachios (30 oz)

Gourmet honey roasted nut mix – cashews, almonds, pecans & pistachios
Nuts glazed with sweet honey
0 trans fat & cholesterol free

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Second Nature Wholesome Medley

Includes (12) 5 ounce bags. Simple Food. Nothing Artificial.
A naturally savory & sweet assortment of dark chocolate, lightly roasted and salted peanuts, almonds and cashews, dried tart cranberries and dried cherries.
Second Nature medleys are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, and kosher certified. Low Sodium. It’s simply just good stuff!

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Setton Farms Premium Pistachios Dry Roasted

NATURALLY OPENED- Better pistachio nuts split open while on the tree
DRY ROASTED WITH SEA SALT- Slowly dry roasted to ensure the highest quality and flavor
EXTRA LARGE PREMIUM PISTACHIOS- The highest standard of pistachio excellence

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Somersaults Nut Free Crunchy Nuggets Single Serve

A well-balanced, one of a kind nourishing snack that is powered by sunflower seeds
6g of protein, 3g of fiber, and only 1g of sugar per serving
Offers the same amount of protein as almonds, but with half the fat

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Viva Labs Organic Chia Seeds: Raw and Non-GMO

Nutrient-Dense superfood-chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, chia seeds sustain energy levels, while helping you stay fuller longer
Neutral taste-chia seeds are virtually tasteless and can be added to your favorite foods, for added texture and protein, we recommend sprinkling chia seeds over oatmeal or adding them to smoothies, salads or yogurt for a satisfying and filling snack
Hydrophilic properties-these mighty seeds hold up to 12x their weight offering powerful thickening abilities, make a vegan egg substitute using 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to 3 tablespoons of water

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Wickedly Prime Trail Mix, Choco-Cran Cherry

Fifteen 2-ounce snack packs
Contains almonds, soy, cashews and pistachios
Packed in the U.S.A

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Wickedly Prime Trail Mix, Fruit Cocktail

Fifteen 1.5-ounce snack packs
Contains almonds and cashews
An Amazon brand

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