5 Pounds of Organic California Hass Avocados

5 Pounds of organic California Hass avocados. Each avocado is grown and handpicked to order on a family owned and operated ranch in Carpinteria, California. Buttery flavor, vibrant green color, fresh and high quality. Not your typical grocery store avocado.
Also available in 6 pack organic California avocados, 12 pack organic California avocados, 6 pack of 4 organic California avocados & 2 organic Meyer lemons, 2lb organic Meyer lemons, 5lb organic Meyer lemons.
Avocado Boxes shipped Mon-Wed* via UPS. Avos ship green and will finish ripening on your kitchen counter! *Some shipment locations pushed to following Monday to prevent unwanted guacamole due to transit time and weekend.

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Ajinomoto Sazon Legumes | Vegetable Seasoning – 60gr 2.11oz

Ajinomoto Sazon Legumes | Vegetable Seasoning – 60gr 2.11oz

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All Natural Fonio Ancient African Super Food Vegan Gluten Free Non GMO Grain Pouch (16 oz)

Includes 1 Raw 16 Ounce Bag (453g) Grown in Nigeria.
Satisfy hunger to feel full longer – Our all natural Fonio provides a hefty amount of fiber (1g), protein (4g) and low sodium (5mg) per individual serving, helping to satisfy hunger and curb food cravings all day long.
Building block for protein synthesis – As a complete vegetarian protein, our super grain Fonio provides a complete range of essential and non-essential amino acids, helping to maintain lean muscle mass and support enzyme production for everyday health at only 180 calories per serving.

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Ancient Harvest Organic Gluten-Free 100% Whole Grain Quinoa Flakes, 12 Ounce Box, A Natural Substitution to Oatmeal or Wheat-Based Cereals

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes are made from organic, non-GMO, kosher, 100% whole grain. Packed with 4 grams of protein in each serving, these family-friendly flakes are a natural, flavorful and gluten-free substitution for your morning oatmeal or cereal.
It’s easy to add complete protein to any recipe, just mix in Ancient Harvest washed and rinsed organic quinoa flakes. Try them as a simple, instant breakfast cereal and avoid sugar puffs, oatmeal or flour and wheat-based muffins and sweets at the bakery.
A bowl of hearty, natural quinoa flakes in the morning will put you on the right path for the day. Add chia seeds for extra protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. Try quinoa flakes in desserts, baked goods, or even as an alternative to breadcrumbs.

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Anna and Sarah Dried Cantaloupe Spears in Resealable Bag

Dried Cantaloupe Spears in Resealable Bag. Sweet, juicy and delicious. Sugar added.
LOVELY SNACKS: Good source of fiber. High in vitamins and minerals. Good for hair and skin.
TROPICAL and REFRESHING TASTE. Always fresh. Also kosher.

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Australian Crystallized Ginger 1 lb. (16 oz.) – Soft & Chewy Ginger Candy by OliveNation

Crystallised Ginger is a very versatile ingredient even if it takes a little while to get ready.
Harvested from tender new baby ginger roots our Australian ginger is sliced then bathed in a sugar syrup and finally finished off by dipping in sugar.
Ingredients: ginger, cane sugar

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Bare Fruit Chips Coconut Honey, 1.4 oz

Crunchy and we know it, Baked. Snacks gone simple. Gluten free. Non GMO. 6 g fiber per 30 g serving. 100% natural. Good source of fiber. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Snacks gone simple, Discover a … Read More

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Bare Fruit, Crunchy Coconut Chips, Sweet N’ Heat, 1.41 oz (40 g) (3 Unit Pack )

Bare Fruit, Crunchy Coconut Chips, Sweet N’ Heat, 1.41 oz (40 g) (3 Unit Pack)

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Bare Snacks Toasted Coconut Chips, 3.3 oz

Chip Coconut Simply Toasted. Gluten free, no added oil, good source of dietary fiber, Non-GMO, no added preservatives. Freezing/chilling Temperatures of the product is Ambient: Room Temperature. This product is manufactured in United States.

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Beanitos – Bean Chips Restaurant Style

Beanitos are all natural snack chips & puffs made from beans – high in healthy fiber & protein – and they contain NO gluten
trans fat

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Bearitos, Refried Beans, Black Bean, Organic, Vegetarian, 16 oz

Low fat. We pack in lead free cans. From our kitchen to yours, naturally! Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

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Bentilia Lentil Pasta, Red Lentil Rotini – 1 lb, Bag; 100% Natural, Low Glycemic Index, High Protein & Fiber, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Pasta

✔ 42% DIETARY FIBER: Contains prebiotic fiber which supports and promotes healthy digestion.
✔ COMPLETELY ALLERGEN FREE: Certified gluten free, no soy, no eggs. Kosher food!
✔ GOOD CARB, LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX FOOD: With its low Gl (21) Bentilia Pasta allows you to apply your diet and lose weight without depriving yourself of your favorite pasta.

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