Is it better to eat the fruit before or after lunch?

Eating fruit before or after eating makes you fatter exactly the same, since its nutritional and caloric intake is always the same.

Both options are more than recommended for health, since fruits are a great contribution of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other beneficial substances for the body. It is always advisable to consume several servings of fruit a day, at least three pieces. In addition to providing healthy nutrients, its consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders, certain cancers and other degenerative diseases. It also improves blood pressure.


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Prince Philip dies at 99 years of age

Prince Philip dies at 99 years of age

The prince philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, died at the age of 99. This after having deteriorated his health and days of hospitalization. Weeks later, Buckingham Palace has given the news of his death.

The duke of edinburgh He was married to Queen Elizabeth for 74 years. Their love story was something very well known and revealing to the world. There were several good and bad episodes that their relationship went through, however, they always remained very close at all times, being an example of a stable couple.

“It is with great regret that Her Majesty, the Queen, announces the death of her beloved husband, Her Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”, it was in an announcement that the palace made to publicize the news.

It was since 2017 that the duke of edinburgh He abandoned his official activities within the palace, however, he continued accompanying Queen Elizabeth to certain events. It was that same year that he had to be hospitalized for an infection and in 2018 he underwent hip surgery.

In 2019 he caused a car accident when he left one of his properties. His car overturned and he managed to escape unscathed, however, after this event, he decided to stop driving.

It was in January 2021 that the duke of edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth received the COVID-19 vaccine at Windsor Castle, where they were confined for some time.

It is unknown what will be the process that will be carried out to dismiss Prince Felipe and there will be some kind of ceremony, this due to the pandemic crisis that the world is currently experiencing.

Rest in peace, Prince Philip.

The healthy diet, foods and plants that best protect your liver

The healthy diet, foods and plants that best protect your liver

Any negative impact on the mental health of employees can cause a significant drop in employee engagement.

Por yogita tulsiani

The year 2021 has started with a new enthusiasm in the workplace, welcoming employees after a long period of telecommuting. Taking into account the time to rethink company strategies, companies have recognized the need to develop the mental resilience of their employees. Working from home for almost nine months created an environment of uncertainty for employees. To drive business in today’s market environment, companies have realized the need to promote the mental health of their employees.

The emergence of COVID-19 has greatly affected the mental health of employees. According to a recent report, nearly 62% of employees globally believe that mental health issues have been one of the biggest challenges at work over the past year. Additionally, 96% of global companies provided resources for mental health. However, only one in six employees felt supported by the additional resources provided.

Employee mental health was a rare topic discussed in the corporate world. After the pandemic hit the world, it has become crucial for employers to encourage their employees to voice their concerns and personal struggles to be at peace. Many employees prefer to remain silent and are more likely to face challenges at work. This affects your mental health, which also results in lower levels of motivation and anxiety related to uncertainties.

Flexible communication

Many innovative organizations have begun to realize the need for a satisfied and engaged employee. Employee mental health has a direct influence on the workplace and requires an immediate need to establish a clear communication link to ensure that employees are heard. Given the need for open communication, HR teams and leaders in many organizations are working to prevent problems that could lead to poor employee health rather than reacting to address concerns in later stages. They understand that employees who feel burned out at work are more likely to take sick leave from work.

Creating strong and open communication demonstrates the commitment of HR leaders and the leadership team to the health of their employees. This could start with regular checks on employee challenges in their work life or physical or emotional well-being. This also establishes a sense of trust that prevents employees from interrupting your peace of mind.

Be more empathetic

You always need to balance your emotions in the workplace. Emotionally intelligent people understand the emotions of others well. Employers need to be more empathetic to their employees and handle their various circumstances. In the workplace, empathy helps develop a level of understanding in the different dynamics between subordinates and supervisors.

Concerned about the needs and challenges of employees

We all know that HR leaders cannot play the role of therapists for employees. But making the mental health of employees a priority has become imperative for them. High-performing organizations adopt programs that are highly beneficial to the overall well-being of employees, including their nutrition and physical strength. It promotes a psychologically safe work environment, free from anxiety and stress.

The best way organizations are adopting to address the needs and challenges of employees is to focus on making a positive difference in the way they think. Additionally, they are implementing programs and methods that promote work-life balance for employees. This includes employee surveys, reports, and productivity reports that can provide relevant data and metrics to HR leaders and facilitate meeting their needs.

Employee wellness programs

Any negative impact on the mental health of employees can cause a significant drop in employee engagement. Cases related to depression, stress and anxiety have become increasingly common and also result in an increasing number of other ailments such as hypertension, obesity, hormonal imbalance in women and heart disorders. To meet the needs of employees, organizations are implementing Employee Assistance Programs that are the first step in supporting their psychological well-being.

In India, the rate of implementation of such programs was in a nascent stage before 2020. However, remote work models have driven the need to mitigate the risks associated with poor mental health of employees. Organizations that adopt Employee Assistance Programs address the personal and professional needs of employees to improve their performance and productivity on the job.


The workforce is the most valuable asset for any company. A psychologically healthy employee helps the company drive it forward and ensure sustainable success. Therefore, organizations are focusing on implementing comprehensive wellness programs. Take into consideration the different aspects of your life that empower employees to handle stressful situations and maximize productivity to stay competitive.

(The author is MD and co-founder of iXceed Solutions (Global Provider of Technology Recruiters). Opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of Financial Express Online.)

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France to inject Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to those under 55 who received a dose of AstraZeneca

France to inject Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to those under 55 who received a dose of AstraZeneca

France will inject the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to those under 55 who have received a first dose of AstraZeneca. This has been recommended this Friday by the High Health Authority (HAS), the body in charge of authorizing medicines in the country and whose vaccination guidelines are followed by the Government of Emmanuel Macron. The agency thus responds to the opinion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English), which this Wednesday confirmed the links of the drug with very rare cases of thrombi, although it reiterated that the benefits of immunization far outweigh the risks . The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, has already advanced that the new protocol will be adopted immediately, which he considers “logical.

More information

“In view of the fact that the administration of a single dose of AstraZeneca is insufficient to guarantee effective protection over time, the HAS recommends today completing the vaccination schedule for this population with a messenger RNA vaccine. [Pfizer y Moderna] within a period of 12 weeks after the first injection, ”the agency points out in its conclusions, presented this Friday.

“It is totally coherent to say ‘we no longer recommend the AstraZeneca vaccine to those under 55 years of age waiting to know more’ (…), so if you have received a first injection and are under 55 years of age, you will be proposed another vaccine 12 weeks after the first injection; you will receive an RNA vaccine ”, Véran had explained shortly before on the RTL station.

The measure will affect just over 500,000 people who have already received the first dose of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine and which produces rare cases of thrombosis, which is why the age of its recipients has been limited. A good part of those under 55 years of age who have received a first injection of this drug are health personnel. “I myself am part of that population,” recalled the 41-year-old minister and neurologist, who has already been vaccinated.

The HAS states that there are “numerous arguments” in favor of the strategy of inoculating two different vaccines and notes that it has already been done “in the context of the development of certain vaccines, especially HIV.” In addition, it emphasizes that the drugs “currently used or mostly under development for anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination act against the same antigen (protein S), which allows to support this strategy.” However, the agency recommends starting a study “quickly” to “evaluate in real time the immune response given by the recommended mixed vaccination schedule”, as well as to carry out a “specific monitoring of pharmacovigilance” for these people.

The president of the HAS vaccination technical commission, Elisabeth Bouvet, defended this strategy against restarting the entire two-dose process with another RNA vaccine, arguing that people who have already received a dose of AstraZeneca “have already produced antibodies and have a certain immune memory that the RNA vaccine will remember ”. For this reason, he added at a telematic press conference, “probably a single dose (of RNA) should be enough.” Even so, he indicated that for this reason it is necessary to do an immediate follow-up of these people. The first data, he pointed out, should be known “a few weeks” after those affected have received this second dose.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reiterated this Friday that it cannot make a recommendation on this strategy. “There is no adequate data to say if this is something that can be done,” said Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the agency, so “vaccine interchangeability is not something they can recommend at this time.”

Only for people over 55

France, along with fifteen European countries, including Spain, suspended the administration of AstraZeneca vaccines for a few days in mid-March, after learning that there had been some rare cases of thrombosis in patients throughout Europe. After the European Medicines Agency gave its approval, France resumed these vaccines on March 19, but does not administer them to those under 55 years of age. A strategy that will not change because “currently we do not have sufficient arguments to modify that age limit,” said the president of the HAS, Dominique Le Guludec.

The person in charge stressed the importance of continuing the vaccination campaign and that those older than that age continue to accept this vaccine, for which France does not impose age limits from 55 years. “We recommend vaccination with AstraZeneca for those over 55 years of age. It is an effective vaccine and the risk of serious forms of covid increases very significantly with age ”, recalled Le Guludec when presenting the recommendations. “Today, for the elderly, what puts them at risk is SARS-COV-2 infection. This vaccine will save lives, and if we want to win the battle against the virus, we must use all the weapons at our disposal, ”he insisted.

The agency’s decision is known hours after France exceeded the barrier of 10 million first doses administered, almost a week before the date that the Government had set. Almost 3.5 million people have already received both doses. According to the official calendar, up to 20 million people should have received a first dose in France by mid-May. An “ambitious goal, but we need ambition,” Véran said about it. France this week opened 38 vaccine fields across the country, as part of its policy of accelerating a campaign whose slow start sparked much criticism in January.

The doubts that must be resolved in the second part of Who Killed Sara?

The doubts that must be resolved in the second part of Who Killed Sara?

‘Who Killed Sara?’, The new Netflix sensation, continues to sweep the platform, becoming one of the Latino titles with the greatest impact that currently has the streaming service.

With a new season announced for May 19, many loose ends left the episodes of the first batch, raising new unknowns that have aroused both hype and intrigue in the public.

And is that the second season has to answer many questions. Alex’s desire for revenge has met with new revelations that have turned the plot, because Sara was not the smiling girl she appeared to be, because she herself hid several secrets. Therefore, it is time to make a compilation of all the details that must be taken into account for the following season.


The very name of the series refers to the murder of Sara. The season finale episode apparently revealed that Elroy and Mariana were behind his death. But fiction has shown the images in such a way that the question arises as to whether Elroy really helped his mistress to end the young woman’s life or if it was someone else who executed the plan of the Lazcano matriarch.


The final episode shows Alex finding Sara’s other diary, in which he discovers that I was not well mentally, coming to consider suicide, as well as reveals his wishes to kill someone. The trailer for the second season warns that the young woman “was much more dangerous” than she seemed. A twist that will make Alex see his deceased sister with different eyes.


Sara’s hidden diary reveals that the young woman discovered that his father was not the same as his brother’s Alex and that his mother lived a whole lie. He also talks about finding his biological parent in a mental hospital. In other pages, Sara confesses that she hears voices and talks about a certain Abel. Who is Abel and why is he so important to the story?


In the diary, Alex finds a paper in which there is a map that takes the character played by Manolo Cardona to find a corpse, which has a shot hole in the forehead. In a flashback, it is revealed that Caesar shot a person who was assaulting Sara. Could it be the body of the aggressor? Was it Caesar who killed him or was it Sara, as he confesses in his diary?


Beyond the mystery of Sara’s death, there is the plot of Chema and his partner, Lawrence. They both want to become parents and therefore resort to surrogacy. However, the woman’s ex appears, putting Chema and Lorenzo in trouble. The preview for the second season shows Chema shirtless kissing Clara, who wears a painted mustache. Does this mean that Chema has left Lorenzo and seeks to father his son in other ways?


Although César Lazcano is apparently not the culprit of Sara’s death, yes he is involved in several tough situations, two of them related to the deceased, since Sara was pregnant with him and both are united by the death of the young woman’s aggressor, whose identity is a new mystery.

On the other hand, César’s shady deals related to human trafficking, human trafficking and the production of sadomasochistic videos in which women are tortured put him in a vulnerable situation. His daughter Elisa, confronts him about these businesses and his partner, Sergio, is determined to betray him to avoid ending up just as exposed. The patriarch of the Lazcano has several fronts open for the second season.


The identity of Diana, the Huntress, that person who gave Alex information to investigate, turned out to be Marifer’s, Sara’s best friend. However, the final episode calls into question the friendship of the two. The secret diary reveals that Sara would be Marifer’s sister and that she was abused by her father. In the letter, the young woman also confesses that she does not get along with her apparent best friend.

On the other hand, on the eve of Sara’s death, Marifer can be seen calling her friend for help and she does not give it to her. In the scene, Marifer appears crying and her face of despair turns to a face full of anger and a desire for revenge, which implies that their relationship, as shown in the trailer for the second season, will be one of the key elements of the new episodes.


Although the series is titled ‘Who Killed Sara?’, The truth is that the girl’s body cannot be seen. What’s more, it is not clear whether he died just after the accident. Although the synopsis of the final episode says that the young woman died in 2001 (and the date of August 9 appears on her tombstone), the truth is that it would not be unreasonable to think that the body that has been buried is not Sara’s, especially because his secret diary has entries and confessions dated September.

How is it possible that she went to a party in September if she had been dead for a month? Either it’s a script hole or Sara didn’t die in that fateful good. Now if Sara were alive, would who is it that is buried in her grave?