A different Batman Day: the good, the bad and the ugly

With three stars in the skin of Batman in the cinema, the whole world pays tribute to the character this December 18, celebrating his day.

Happy Batman Day! How it was decided after the first edition, DC organized everything so that every third Saturday in September there is a commemoration of a day in homage to the ‘Caped Crusader’. But this one, in 2021, is very different from the previous ones. It seems that this is the best time to be Bruce Wayne.

To begin with, it is important to note that this day has not always been celebrated. On the contrary, in 2014, the iconic character was remembered in July, as it was within the framework of the 75th anniversary of its creation. Then in 2015, and thereafter if it was adopted by the current date. To make it something special, all over the world there are face-to-face, virtual or audiovisual activities around the most famous detective of all.

An example of this is the special programming of Batman what arranged HBO Max on Latin America and part of Europe. In addition, special exhibitions are taking place in theme parks and conference centers around the world.

However, what differentiates 2021 from previous years in turns of the hero is that for the first time in history there are 3 different actors playing it in the cinema at the same time: Robert pattinson, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton.

the good, the bad and the ugly

Keaton, the greatest of all, already gave life to Batman in 1989 and 1992, under the direction of Tim Burton. Although these films are part of a totally different era, many consider them cult and the community accepts the artist as the most unforgettable version, along with that of Christian Bale.

On the contrary, the figure of Ben Affleck He never finished convincing even the executives, who dealt with many creative differences with him, so much so that they canceled his solo film. But neither to the audience, who consider that it did not happen well to his predecessor. However, there are those who wanted him to continue, to see how he unfolds in the future.

Both will say goodbye to the character definitively in The Flash, which will launch on November 4, 2022.

For his part, Pattinson has not yet debuted as the ‘Bat’, but his past in Twilight They made his fame pigeonholed, displeasing most of geek culture. Still, the interpreter has tried to transform his career, occupying more serious roles, including one with Christopher Nolan, on Tenet, where he was widely recognized.

The star will star The Batman with the baton of Matt Reeves next March 4, 2022.

For you, which current Batman is the good, which is the bad and which is the ugly?

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British government opposes new lockdowns but announces measures for winter

British government opposes new lockdowns but announces measures for winter

Only some powers of the Law that are fundamental to protect and support the population will be preserved, such as sick pay to those who isolate themselves from the first day instead of the seventh, ordering schools to remain open if they close against government guidance and helping public hospitals obtain the emergency resources they need.

The legal requirements will also be maintained for someone to isolate themselves if they test positive for coronavirus, to protect the most vulnerable from the infection and to control the spread of variants.

The possibility of reintroducing the use of chinstraps and home work will also be taken into account if circumstances require it.

Vaccines will continue to be the first line of defense through the fall and winter months backed by new treatments, tests and a world-leading variant surveillance system, Johnson said today.

“I am determined to get rid of any power that we no longer need due to our vaccine defenses,” he said.

In England, the vast majority of restrictions were lifted on July 19, fulfilling step 4 of the roadmap that the Government had drawn up.

As of September 9, almost 90% of the UK population over 16 had already received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and more than 80% are fully vaccinated.

However, the British Government expects that the winter months will bring new challenges and the coronavirus will circulate alongside influenza and other respiratory viruses, while the threat of a new variant remains.

But he finds it difficult to predict with certainty how they will interact and what pressure they may put on the NHS (as the public health system is called.

He reported that the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) was asked to consider a coronavirus vaccine booster program for the entire population.

At the moment booster vaccines are being offered to the most vulnerable.

The vaccine booster program is also expected to begin this month and a decision will be made about vaccination for children ages 12-15;

“But it is a small step to protect ourselves and protect other people,” said the premier.

As reported, travel restrictions will also be reviewed and simplified.

The Government yesterday abandoned its project to impose a health passport to access discos and other highly frequented places in England, considering it unnecessary given the success of the vaccination campaign.

Yesterday another 56 people died from coronavirus, bringing the UK total to 134,200.


Liam Neeson also premieres on Netflix: how is The Protector

Liam Neeson also premieres on Netflix: how is The Protector

Just as this week it was released Cry Macho, a modern western, by and with Clint Eastwood, Netflix uploaded to its platform The protector, another contemporary western, but with Liam Neeson, which had hit theaters in Argentina in June.

Was it by chance (?) That the same distributor of The protector It will also premiere this Thursday, but in theaters, Relentless revenge, another with Neeson.

So not to get confused.

Neeson in “El protector”, which was uploaded to Netflix after opening in Argentine theaters in June. Photo BF Paris

In addition, and to test the ingenuity and originality of the writers, in both films Neeson plays a former marine.

The similarities are not few. Clint in Cry Macho he helps Rafa, a teenager, to cross the border from Mexico to the United States, and Liam defends a child, who if he is an illegal immigrant is because the drug traffickers are chasing him.

Neeson takes over from Clint, who until recently raised the banner of defending American values ​​against enemies abroad or within his own country.

Liam Neeson is Jim, an Arizona rancher who helps a boy hunted by drug traffickers. Photo BF Paris

Liam Neeson is Jim, an Arizona rancher who helps a boy hunted by drug traffickers. Photo BF Paris

And as it has been happening in the films of the actor who was once an Oscar nominee for starring Schindler’s List (1993), Neeson’s character has to fight again, to defend himself. And, if you want to see, defend certain ideals.

The usual baddies

On The protector, which since it came up on Friday is the most watched movie or series on Netflix this weekend, Liam is Jim, owner of a poor ranch in Arizona, on the border with Mexico. Just like Clint in Cry Macho, his character is a widower. And how he gets along with Sarah, the Border Patrol agent (Katheryn Winnick, from the series Vikings) Also, because she is his daughter, when he finds Miguel (Jacob Perez) and his mother fleeing from Mexico from some savage drug traffickers, he does what he understands he has to do.

On the run. Miguel and the mother, before they meet Jim (Neeson), the protector. Photo BF Paris

On the run. Miguel and the mother, before they meet Jim (Neeson), the protector. Photo BF Paris

Because Jim is a value guy. And then tell Sarah. Of course, everything had to be complicated because, if not, there would be no movie. And Jim, in self-defense and that of Miguel and his mother, is not going to kill the brother of the drug lord, who in turn have bribed the local police.


Jim will get his dog, and Miguel, into his vehicle and head to Chicago, to “deliver” the boy to his relatives, always being pursued by Mexican murderers.

In case the rifle is not enough, it is always good to have a pitchfork handy. Photo BF Paris

In case the rifle is not enough, it is always good to have a pitchfork handy. Photo BF Paris

Unlike Eastwood, Neeson is not American but Irish, but people already have him assumed as an (anti) action hero in the movies, and more American than McDonald’s, marshmallows or country music.

And Cry Macho offers at times a somewhat anachronistic and stereotyped right-wing look, The protector raises some questions to stop. Jim teaches little Miguel to use firearms, because it is understood – and the problem or danger is precisely that – tacitly that the only way to prevail is with violence.

Sarah, the Border Patrol agent (Katheryn Winnick, from the series "Vikings"). Photo BF Paris

Sarah, the Border Patrol agent (Katheryn Winnick, from the series “Vikings”). Photo BF Paris

Anachronisms aside, The protector It doesn’t have as many action scenes until it gets closer to the end. There, Liam already looks like a Marvel character.

Jim is one of those who, where he puts his eye, puts the bullet. Not only because of his sniper skills (The Marksman, original title, can be translated as The Shooter). The phrase is also often used metaphorically: it is the person who gets it right, who knows or can discern, predict with certainty, or get it right. How right you are, that is another question.

The Mexicans, the bad guy and Miguel. Photo BF Paris

The Mexicans, the bad guy and Miguel. Photo BF Paris

Are you right in teaching Miguel to shoot?

Are you successful in getting involved?

Is Liam correct in accepting these roles?

We said in the critique of Relentless revenge, that when you sit in the cinema or in the living room chair, to see one with Liam Neeson, you see one with Liam Neeson. The character’s name doesn’t matter anymore, because basically Liam has to deal with bad guys who want to take advantage of him, or Liam has to prove he’s innocent.

Liam Neeson, the 69-year-old Irishman is still successful in action movies. Photo BF Paris

Liam Neeson, the 69-year-old Irishman is still successful in action movies. Photo BF Paris

Finally, the director of The protector is Robert Lorenz, who has been an assistant director to Clint Eastwood, and was a producer on his films, from Blood debt (2002) to Sniper (2014).

Were we talking about passing the post?

“The protector”


Acción. EE.UU., 2021. Original title: “The Marksman”. 108’, SAM 13. From: Robert Lorenz. With: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Jacob Perez, Juan Pablo Raba. Available in: Netflix.


Nicolas Cage will never see his next movie

Nicolas Cage, one of the most recognized actors on the planet, is slowly returning to Hollywood. However, his next film will be something that he prefers not to see himself … Why?

Be the nephew of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola has never suggested an easy way to fame Nicolas cage. The actor, from the beginning of his career, preferred not to be related to his family, which already had a well-formed name in the industry. Because of this, the artist changed his last name and decided to make his own way by attending casting and fighting for roles like everyone else. However, the last few years have not been easy for him, because despite having passed 90 ‘at the top, he had not appeared in a major production for more than 11 years.

However, for stars like him there is never an absolute end, which is why he has once again been taken into account for high caliber projects in the industry. He recently embarked on starring in Pig, the story of a forest man who is snatched from his pig and seeks revenge at any cost.

Now, Cage has decided to take a job outside of everything that has been established. The interpreter gave life to himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

The plot places the actor in search of a position in the supposed next film of Quentin Tarantino. Although he is shown a neurotic and anxious version of him, going all crazy. Therefore, the professional admitted that he will never see the film, although he was not unaware of its quality.

I’m never going to see that movie. They have told me that it is good and that the public who have been able to see it have loved it. But it’s a very fat smoke for me to go to the movies and see myself playing a highly neurotic and anxious version of myself “, he claimed.

His other me

Nicolas confessed that he was not able to see himself the way he was drawn for this feature film, but that he was the voice of the director Tom Gormican the one that was forming this character design. Apparently, this is the main reason why the celebrity does not feel comfortable looking at the project.

He kept pushing me in that direction. I told him that it was not like that, that in reality I am of calm and reflective moments, not a nervous and neurotic type. But he said that a neurotic Cage is the best Cage, and I did. I told him that I would not see the film but I hope he enjoys it “he added.

Source: Collider

Jonathan Majors reveals how he landed the role of Kang Unusual!

Jonathan Majors, recognized for recently playing Kang the Conqueror, recounted how he was selected for the role. Thus came the great debut for the actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

LokiWithout a doubt, it has been the most impressive production of Phase 4 of the UCM. Despite not being produced for theaters, the series showed many important elements for the future of the company. The opening of the multiverse, the number of Easter eggs opening the door to characters like Blade, Fantastic 4 o go X-Men and the presentation of the next great villain were the most relevant events. The latter, for example, impacted more than one. The arrival of Kang, The Conqueror, from the hand of Jonathan Majors draw much of what is coming.

The actor has been praised for his role, even when he’s only been seen for a few minutes in character. The executive and creation teams, their colleagues and the public were in awe. After his participation in the show Disney+, is known to appear as the main enemy in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

However, one of the most shocking aspects of his arrival as Kang al Marvel Cinematic Universe is that he did not have to do a casting for it. Rather, he was tracked, analyzed, and booked by the company based on his work. This explained the artist:

The team of Marvel has its ways. It’s a lot like getting a role in drama school. They’re just looking at you. You don’t audition for the parts. You go into drama school, then the dean will observe what you are doing. If they loved you, they touched your shoulder. That’s what happened“, He confessed.

Other projects

Now, outside the projects of ‘La Casa de las Ideas’, the interpreter is preparing to appear in Creed III, which will be directed by Michael B. Jordan, who will also star in it. Therefore, Majors showed his excitement for working with him.

What I felt when talking to him was the willingness to collaborate, to do something special, to sacrifice our body, our time, our energy, to tell a story that would add to the sports genre. But really working hand in hand to build this thing, to show that two, in quotes, male leaders can come together and there is no competition, just cooperation, that’s something I want to be an advocate for in my generation.”, He said.

That work will begin filming later this year. More details are still awaited in this regard.

Source: Total Film