How to invest in cryptocurrencies safely?

How to invest in cryptocurrencies safely?

Today, cryptocurrencies they are on the radar of many investors. Who bought after the fall of 2017 they are reaping possibly the best decision financial of their lifes. We tell you how to invest in a safe way.

Since the departure of Bitcoin have passed 12 years, and cryptocurrencies are giving unthinkable returns in a very short time. Although for the technology sector Blockchain it was an innovative technology, for investors it was not attractive or made sense.

1. Invest little money

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and cryptocurrency prices fall and rise unpredictably.

You have to start with a emergency fund before doing any other investment, that you investigate about the cryptocurrencies that attract you, that you open an account in Name O Binance, and that when putting money, you start with small sums that you are willing to lose. Set a limit of 5% or 10% of your salary.

2. Know the cryptocurrencies

Do your homework and find out what the applications decade cryptocurrency, Y avoid the smallest (by market capitalization) yes you are not an expert.

The best thing is that you put money in the largest options on the market so that your money is stable, because there are cryptocurrencies that have disappeared after entering the market. It can also be useful to diversify so as not to put everything in the same basket and have another type of investments.

3. Compare between cryptocurrency sales sites

You must know platforms like Name O Binance and compare them to know commissions Y which cryptocurrencies you can to buy in each one. There is also a platform for the sale of cryptocurrencies in eToro.

This is a device that protects your cryptocurrencies and passwords to store and improve the security of your investments. If you want to know more about cold wallets, you can know it within our channels.

What is bitcoin and how does it work?

Jeff Bezos sold $2.4 billion worth of Amazon stock this week

Jeff Bezos sold $2.4 billion worth of Amazon stock this week

Jeff Bezos sold $ 2.4 billion in shares of Inc., bringing the amount settled this week to nearly $ 5 billion.

Bezos sold 739,032 shares under a pre-established trading plan, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, days after he sold an identical amount. The mogul said earlier this week in another document that he plans to sell up to 2 million shares.

The world’s richest person still owns more than 10% of Amazon, the main source of his $ 192.1 billion fortune, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In the 15 years after went public in 1997, Bezos sold about a fifth of the online retailer for roughly $ 2 billion. The value of your stake has exploded in recent years to such an extent that you can now sell relatively small amounts for billions of dollars. Last year it sold shares worth more than $ 10 billion.

Amazon rebounded 76% in 2020 amid the covid-19 pandemic, which encouraged online shopping. The stock is up 1.1% this year.

The Amazon founder has used the stock sales to finance the aerospace company Blue Origin, while he has committed $ 10 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund to help counter the effects of climate change.

Bezos will also receive a superyacht being built in the Netherlands, which will be 127 meters long, will feature multiple decks and will have three huge masts.

The biggest hit to Bezos’ wealth came after his divorce from MacKenzie Scott, who received a 4% stake in Amazon as part of the split.

This is what happens in your body if you drink a natural orange juice every day

This is what happens in your body if you drink a natural orange juice every day

Although there are more and more those who seek alternatives to typical natural orange juice, in Spain it is still very popular as part of many breakfasts. As several studies have already indicated, the sugar from natural juices, including orange, is not only not as healthy as previously thought, but has been linked to weight gain and the increased risk of cancer, among other damages.

Even so, and although sales of prepared juices seem to have decreased, more and more individuals are preparing these natural drinks at home, seeking to reduce its sugar content as much as possible. However, as natural as they are, they are not healthier.

Despite some nutritional guides suggest that a fruit juice, such as orange juice, can be counted as “a serving of fruit”, within the advice of consuming five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, the reality is that a fruit juice and a whole piece of fruit are not the same.

The juices lack fiber, and in turn concentrate all the free sugar in the fruit. Most of this sugar is fructose, which is absorbed in greater quantity in the form of juice than in the form of a whole piece: to make a natural orange juice you need several pieces of fruit, while consuming a single whole orange would not be so easy.

Some experts have even suggested that this consumption of free fructose in liquid form could hinder the work of the liver, which in turn would increase the risk of various health problems: obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and a long list of metabolic pathologies.

For its part, it has also been suggested that this free fructose would have the ability to “trick the brain”, increasing hunger, leading to an excessive intake of both liquid fructose and other foods.

One such expert is Robert Lustig, author of Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar. According to this obesity expert from the United States, science makes it clear: calorie for calorie, a fruit juice is even worse than a soda.

As Lustig recalls, by getting rid of the insoluble fiber in the fruit after squeezing the fruit, the absorption of fructose is increased. Literally, it indicates, we drink sugar and calories, discarding the nutrients; even the legendary vitamin C, which would be present, but in less quantity than in whole fruit.

For its part, and according to a study published in The BMJ in 2013, the Consuming whole fruits would reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes; on the contrary, the consumption of fruit juices would increase that risk.

Exceptions to the rule

Even so, other experts insist that the consumption of orange juice should not be completely discarded, nor the consumption of fruit juices in general. For many individuals, these juices are an important source of vitamins, as long as they are prepared in a natural way and not commercial juices enriched with more unnecessary sugar.

One of the defenders of its consumption is Dr. Rosalind Miller, a scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation. According to Miller, at least in the UK, the consumption of fruit juices can represent up to 20% of vitamin C consumption in children and 10% in adults. Also, remember, a glass of only 150 ml of orange juice is also an important source of vitamin B9 or folic acid and potassium.

In the Anglo-Saxon country they also argue that only 8.5% of children and 30% of adults actually consume the aforementioned five servings of fruits and vegetables, and that advising against fruit juice can even be counterproductive. In the opinion of some experts, fruit juice would even be a help and not something to avoid.

The trouble, however, it can also be the control of quantities: again, let’s remember, a fruit juice is not a piece of fruit, and it is extremely easy to consume more juice than recommended without realizing it. In fruit, however, given its high fiber composition, overeating is not so easy, but rather the opposite.

Thus, as a final conclusion, it could be said that there are several options: ideal option would be to achieve the consumption of five servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (two fruits and three vegetables, as recently advised by a study of the Harvard University). The less ideal option It would be to consume fruit smoothies, or fruit together with vegetables, natural, homemade, without added external sugar, and prioritizing crushing and blending instead of squeezing it and staying only with the juice.

Finally how worst option, would be the consumption of fruit juice sporadically if possible, avoiding that it is a daily practice. And always remembering that a fruit juice, of any fruit, will never be a substitute for a whole piece of fruit.

Elon Musk’s participation in Saturday Night Live moves the market

Elon Musk’s participation in Saturday Night Live moves the market

Live from New York, it’s… a corporate risk with the power to move the market.

This weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be the host of “Saturday Night Live,” which, in case the name was not clear enough, is broadcast live. That means NBC relies on Musk to filter its thoughts in real time, despite little evidence, historically, that it is contained in just about anything it wants to say, even when it comes under scrutiny from federal regulators.

Wall Street is already betting that Musk will seize the opportunity to play a little trading game.

Cryptocurrency dogecoin, one of Musk’s favorite market games, has risen in anticipation of its appearance on SNL. And Tesla shares, which fell into bearish territory after hitting all-time highs in January, rose 1.5% on Friday.

Elon Musk says he will send dogecoin to the moon 0:39Dogecoin was trading around 65 cents on Friday, just below its all-time high of 69 cents. The shiba inu-themed digital currency, which started out as a joke, has risen more than 12,000% since January, largely driven by Musk’s tweets. A few words from Musk on Twitter, where he has more than 53 million followers, sent the cryptocurrency soaring 100%.

“Musk will certainly have a cryptocurrency sketch that will likely go viral for days and further motivate his army of followers to try to push dogecoin to the moon,” wrote Ed Moya, senior market analyst at the trading firm. online Oanda.

Last week, Musk called himself a “dogefather” (“godfather of dogecoin”) in a brief tuit promoting his appearance on SNL. The currency soared more than 30%.

So far, Musk tweets and says pretty much anything he wants, including his skepticism about covid-19 and the threats to workers who consider the possibility of unionizing, without serious repercussions. It settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on securities fraud charges in 2018 by paying a fine, and is currently appealing a March ruling from the National Labor Relations Board that ordered Tesla to delete a tweet from three years ago that discouraged unionization.

He is famous for smoking marijuana and playing with a samurai sword on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2018, something that upset shareholders and led to the departure of two high-level executives. NASA, which had hired Musk’s SpaceX to fly the astronauts to the International Space Station, ordered a security review of the company amid concerns about Musk’s behavior, according to multiple news reports.

But Tesla’s share performance in 2020 was so strong, with the stock surging more than 700%, that few, if any, investors seem concerned about its tendency to erratic behavior.

Even so, several members of the SNL cast publicly expressed their concern for giving Musk an even greater platform as the host of the show.

Musk, the self-described “technocrat” of Tesla, is often described as an eccentric visionary or, just as often, as a reckless businessman with Peter Pan syndrome and a penchant for trolling his rivals. In any case, it is fundamentally unpredictable.

He said it best himself in a promotional video posted by SNL on Thursday. “I’m a wild card, so you don’t know what I’m going to do.”

These are the effects of consuming garlic every day on vital organs

These are the effects of consuming garlic every day on vital organs

Family of onions and leeks, the it It is a plant so special for the kitchen as to generate positive effects on our body. Originally from Western Asia, this food is considered a supplement to promote good health for those who consume it.

Garlic is known as Allium sativum, and entities such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health of the United States have admitted that it has anticancer properties, and that its intake promotes benefits, says the newspaper The universe.

The potent plant with a pungent and harsh smell helps in the functions of vital organs such as the heart, pancreas and liver. However, more in-depth studies should be done to determine how beneficial it is to consume it on an empty stomach.

These are the effects of garlic on the body

Garlic is rated by Mayo Clinic as a natural supplement to slightly lower bad cholesterol, referred to as LDL. It has hypotensive properties, capable of promoting a decrease in blood pressure.

It also helps as a lipid-lowering, to lower blood lipids, as well as it can enhance the activity of the pancreas, since the plant stimulates the production of insulin in the body.

The effective fight against the flu is another of the beneficial effects of garlic when consumed, and it has been detected that doing it regularly reduces the cases of colds by more than 60%.

More benefits of garlic

The plant contains alliin, a derivative of an amino acid that works as a barrier against heavy metals, which is why garlic promotes a reduction of lead in the blood by up to 19%.

It should be noted that garlic, although very beneficial, It is not for everybody. Experts they warn that there are some drawbacks to pay attention to regarding the plant, such as that it can cause burning of the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

It can also promote the accumulation of gases and flatulence, in cases of people who suffer from the intestine or who suffer from gastric acid deficiency. It is not recommended when there are tendencies to suffer bleeding, due to its vasodilator effect.

This article is designed to be informative and is not intended to provide medical advice or solutions. Always ask your doctor or specialist if you have questions about your health or before starting treatment.