Only some powers of the Law that are fundamental to protect and support the population will be preserved, such as sick pay to those who isolate themselves from the first day instead of the seventh, ordering schools to remain open if they close against government guidance and helping public hospitals obtain the emergency resources they need.

The legal requirements will also be maintained for someone to isolate themselves if they test positive for coronavirus, to protect the most vulnerable from the infection and to control the spread of variants.

The possibility of reintroducing the use of chinstraps and home work will also be taken into account if circumstances require it.

Vaccines will continue to be the first line of defense through the fall and winter months backed by new treatments, tests and a world-leading variant surveillance system, Johnson said today.

“I am determined to get rid of any power that we no longer need due to our vaccine defenses,” he said.

In England, the vast majority of restrictions were lifted on July 19, fulfilling step 4 of the roadmap that the Government had drawn up.

As of September 9, almost 90% of the UK population over 16 had already received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and more than 80% are fully vaccinated.

However, the British Government expects that the winter months will bring new challenges and the coronavirus will circulate alongside influenza and other respiratory viruses, while the threat of a new variant remains.

But he finds it difficult to predict with certainty how they will interact and what pressure they may put on the NHS (as the public health system is called.

He reported that the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) was asked to consider a coronavirus vaccine booster program for the entire population.

At the moment booster vaccines are being offered to the most vulnerable.

The vaccine booster program is also expected to begin this month and a decision will be made about vaccination for children ages 12-15;

“But it is a small step to protect ourselves and protect other people,” said the premier.

As reported, travel restrictions will also be reviewed and simplified.

The Government yesterday abandoned its project to impose a health passport to access discos and other highly frequented places in England, considering it unnecessary given the success of the vaccination campaign.

Yesterday another 56 people died from coronavirus, bringing the UK total to 134,200.