‘Who Killed Sara?’, The new Netflix sensation, continues to sweep the platform, becoming one of the Latino titles with the greatest impact that currently has the streaming service.

With a new season announced for May 19, many loose ends left the episodes of the first batch, raising new unknowns that have aroused both hype and intrigue in the public.

And is that the second season has to answer many questions. Alex’s desire for revenge has met with new revelations that have turned the plot, because Sara was not the smiling girl she appeared to be, because she herself hid several secrets. Therefore, it is time to make a compilation of all the details that must be taken into account for the following season.


The very name of the series refers to the murder of Sara. The season finale episode apparently revealed that Elroy and Mariana were behind his death. But fiction has shown the images in such a way that the question arises as to whether Elroy really helped his mistress to end the young woman’s life or if it was someone else who executed the plan of the Lazcano matriarch.


The final episode shows Alex finding Sara’s other diary, in which he discovers that I was not well mentally, coming to consider suicide, as well as reveals his wishes to kill someone. The trailer for the second season warns that the young woman “was much more dangerous” than she seemed. A twist that will make Alex see his deceased sister with different eyes.


Sara’s hidden diary reveals that the young woman discovered that his father was not the same as his brother’s Alex and that his mother lived a whole lie. He also talks about finding his biological parent in a mental hospital. In other pages, Sara confesses that she hears voices and talks about a certain Abel. Who is Abel and why is he so important to the story?


In the diary, Alex finds a paper in which there is a map that takes the character played by Manolo Cardona to find a corpse, which has a shot hole in the forehead. In a flashback, it is revealed that Caesar shot a person who was assaulting Sara. Could it be the body of the aggressor? Was it Caesar who killed him or was it Sara, as he confesses in his diary?


Beyond the mystery of Sara’s death, there is the plot of Chema and his partner, Lawrence. They both want to become parents and therefore resort to surrogacy. However, the woman’s ex appears, putting Chema and Lorenzo in trouble. The preview for the second season shows Chema shirtless kissing Clara, who wears a painted mustache. Does this mean that Chema has left Lorenzo and seeks to father his son in other ways?


Although César Lazcano is apparently not the culprit of Sara’s death, yes he is involved in several tough situations, two of them related to the deceased, since Sara was pregnant with him and both are united by the death of the young woman’s aggressor, whose identity is a new mystery.

On the other hand, César’s shady deals related to human trafficking, human trafficking and the production of sadomasochistic videos in which women are tortured put him in a vulnerable situation. His daughter Elisa, confronts him about these businesses and his partner, Sergio, is determined to betray him to avoid ending up just as exposed. The patriarch of the Lazcano has several fronts open for the second season.


The identity of Diana, the Huntress, that person who gave Alex information to investigate, turned out to be Marifer’s, Sara’s best friend. However, the final episode calls into question the friendship of the two. The secret diary reveals that Sara would be Marifer’s sister and that she was abused by her father. In the letter, the young woman also confesses that she does not get along with her apparent best friend.

On the other hand, on the eve of Sara’s death, Marifer can be seen calling her friend for help and she does not give it to her. In the scene, Marifer appears crying and her face of despair turns to a face full of anger and a desire for revenge, which implies that their relationship, as shown in the trailer for the second season, will be one of the key elements of the new episodes.


Although the series is titled ‘Who Killed Sara?’, The truth is that the girl’s body cannot be seen. What’s more, it is not clear whether he died just after the accident. Although the synopsis of the final episode says that the young woman died in 2001 (and the date of August 9 appears on her tombstone), the truth is that it would not be unreasonable to think that the body that has been buried is not Sara’s, especially because his secret diary has entries and confessions dated September.

How is it possible that she went to a party in September if she had been dead for a month? Either it’s a script hole or Sara didn’t die in that fateful good. Now if Sara were alive, would who is it that is buried in her grave?