On Line 9 of the Mexico City Metro, a man while walking threw the wad of bills he was carrying.

Although the man had not realized that his money had fallen, a woman, noticing what happened, picked up the envelope with money to give it to its owner.

When the woman collected the money she tried to reach the owner, however, he quickly got on one of the trains.

Not being able to reach the man who had lost his money, at the Tacubaya station the woman asked for the help of the Auxiliary Police (PA) elements of the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) to be able to locate the owner of the bundle of bills.

It was through the announcement by the police radios that the man was located in one of the trains that had not yet started, in addition, the user was identified by his physical characteristics, as well as by the white helmet and blue backpack that he wore.

The policemen explained to the 31-year-old man what happened, and introduced him to the young woman who collected the money, later, they carried out a small survey to ensure that he really was the owner.

The young man also showed them the receipt from the ATM that showed the exact amount he had withdrawn, which was the same as the one in the envelope.

Upon confirming that he was the owner, the officers gave him the money, and before leaving the place, the user thanked the support and honesty of the woman who sought him out to give him his money.