Silvia Derbez She is one of the best-known celebrities of the Golden Cinema era, the famous woman was always one of the favorites of the public, especially for her talent and physical beauty, she was always a sought-after woman in the film industry and later also in soap operas. , although today the fame of her son Eugenio Derbez is greater, there was a time when she was so popular that her son gave up using his last name to avoid hanging on his fame, but eventually he took it and since then his whole family has carried it proudly despite not being his legal last name.

Because his son is so famous and he has a huge family, many people believe that he must have grown up in an equally large family, but there are also those who believe that by not referring frequently to his family, which is in fact an only child, both options are completely false, Silvia was married to Eugenio González Salas a shy and low-profile publicist and it was with him that she lived much of her life and had children, although she lost her life when she was still quite young.

As a result of his marriage, he had Eugenio and Silvia, her children bore the names of their fathers and were the only ones belonging to the famous actress, both grew up on the recording sets and accompanied their mother in her work as an actress, she refused to leave them in the care of someone else and to the extent of As much as possible, she would be accompanied everywhere, something that Derbez himself has recalled in numerous interviews as he was very close to his mother.

Eugenio Derbez is already known internationally, the famous is a figure of the show in Mexico and the world, especially in the United States because he is adored by the Latino community, his family is also known and they have individually conquered the public, José Eduardo on YouTube, Aislinn as an actress in series and Vadhir in the music industry, it is still necessary for Aitana, the youngest, to decide what she wants to dedicate herself to but together with her parents she is already a star on TikTok.

Silvia’s eldest daughter who inherited her name, is more discreet, she also dedicated herself to acting but currently what she does is produce theatrical works, she participated with her brother in his television programs but she is more passionate about behind-the-scenes work, Little is known about her, only that she has a daughter who was her grandmother’s greatest heir when she passed away.