The laying work for the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Denmark could largely be completed by the end of April 2021, according to a local authority. Until then, the plan is to lay the two pipelines in the country’s waters south and south-west of the island of Bornholm to the German-Danish maritime border – this came out from a report from the Danish Maritime Administration (Søfartsstyrelsen), with which the authority informed seafarers about events See informed. The work should therefore be carried out by the pipe-laying ship “Fortuna” with the support of several other ships.

Nord Stream 2 AG initially did not comment. “We will inform you in due course,” it said.

After a construction freeze, Nord Stream 2 AG continued laying work on the controversial German-Russian Baltic Sea gas pipeline despite US sanctions. The USA and several EU countries are against the almost completed billion-dollar project because they fear that it will become too dependent on Russian gas.

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