11:04 a.m.: Olympia in Tokyo – Scientists warn of corona mutations

Scientists worldwide have warned of the corona dangers with full understanding for the will to host the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. “I can understand how athletes are feeling,” said Michael Head, a global health specialist at the University of Southampton, “but from a public health perspective, as things stand, the Olympics make absolutely no sense.” Even if everyone involved is vaccinated, there are “certain variants that are resistant to such a vaccination,” said Head, who warned of a particular danger: “Mixing people from so many different countries would create new mutations of the virus inevitably accelerate. ” Highly contagious mutations from Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil are currently rampant alongside the original corona virus.

Atsuo Hamada, a Japanese specialist in infectious diseases, has two hearts beating in its chest. On the one hand, he welcomes the Olympic Games in Japan, but on the other hand, he also admits that he would be against hosting them elsewhere. “Even without the pandemic, the games are a mass gathering and encourage all types of infection,” Hamada said. It is therefore “unthinkable” to “allow spectators from all over the world to enter”. Every single viewer brings “significant risks” with them, according to Hamada.